Student Employment

Employment on campus

When moving into the Missouri Evans Scholarship House, each New Scholar will have the decision to either purchase a meal plan through the university or become employed with the local meal company, Sterling. Sterling serves and prepares meals for several sorority houses throughout Greek Town here at Mizzou. You will be employed with the company as a "meal job'" employee. Your basic requirements will be to clean all dishes, utencils etc., while also tearing down the meal line and doing any extra work that the house chef may ask of you. Typically you will work two or three shifts a week and will get paid bi-weekly, while also getting the chance to eat meals at your respected house every day of the week. More then 90 percent of the Evans Scholars in our chapter have a meal job and would certainly recommend it to any New Scholar.

Off-campus employment 

View career opportunities available exclusively to Evans Scholars and those within the Evans Scholars network. Jobs are listed within three categories:

  • Internship
  • Entry Level
  • Experienced