The Next Chapter

As the end of the year approaches, everyone starts getting exited for summer vacation. But every spring we lose a group of seniors who are graduating and not be coming back in the fall. This is never easy because we all grow so close to each other living in the Mizzou Evans Scholarship House that when the seniors graduate it is like losing part of our family.

Although, when our seniors leave, they go off into the world and accomplish so many amazing things. Here is a preview of what our graduating seniors will be up to after Mizzou.

Patrick Guilfoy: Patrick will be working at Renaissance Financial, a financial advising firm, in St. Louis.

Kenzie Giorgi: Kenzie is a junior, but she is graduating this spring. She will be coming back to Mizzou in the fall for physical therapy grad school.

Nick Wojciechowski: After graduation, Nick will be doing a six-month internship with the Metropolitan Amateur Golf Association in St. Louis. After that he hopes to work as an associate club professional at a local country club.

Dan Feinberg: Dan will be applying to med school next spring, but he plans on getting a job in clinical research before med school.

Claire Gartland: Claire hopes to become a high school social studies teacher after she graduates.

Nick Ciaramitaro: Nick is moving to Winner, South Dakota, and will be volunteering for the Americorps for a year. Then he will be going to law school for environmental law.

Andrew Acree: Andrew will be working in finance at Express Scripts in St. Louis after graduation.

Rob Sieckhaus: Rob will be working for Intelica Commercial Real Estate company in St. Louis.

All of us at the Mizzou Evans Scholarship House wish our seniors the best of luck as they enter the next chapter of their lives!