Exciting new improvements to the Missouri Evans Scholarship chapter

This past week has been a very eventful week at the Missouri Evans Scholarship House. The last Mizzou basketball game was on Saturday, and a few of our Scholars attended. To celebrate the last home game of the year, the chapter also got together for our annual bean bag tournament on Saturday morning. It was a beautiful, sunny day in Columbia, and we wanted to take advantage of it.

Today was also a beautiful day, and six Scholars participated in the Sigma Kappa soccer tournament. The tournament was a fundraiser for the Sigma Kappa Foundation, which supports three different charities. The main charity that the foundation supports is the Alzheimer's Association. Even though our boys didn't win, they had a great time playing soccer for a great cause.

Recently, we have made some exciting changes to our chapter. We recently created a new wellness chair. There are currently two wellness chairs and they are providing emotional support for anybody in the chapter who may need it. They recently just created a compliment box called "Dear Scholar." The idea of the box is to write nice notes and put them in the box. Then, at the start of our chapter meetings, three compliments will be picked to be read aloud. The compliments are meant to be a small reminder of how everyone in the chapter is loved and appreciated.

In addition to the wellness chair we also recently created "House Games." We divided the chapter into four teams and each team has Scholars from every class. The Games were created so that the chapter can bond together as a whole. The Games are just for fun, and we are very excited to see how they turn out. The first Games are tonight, and the teams will be facing off in a game of trivia. As the semester goes on, there will be more updates on the games.