Scholar of the Week: Quentin Hogan

As always, every start to the year we get exctied to welcome our New Scholars to their new home for the next four years and also start making friendships with these wonderful young men and women. This week we caught up with one of those members, and we cannot wait to share all that he has to say about his first few months of being a Scholar. Ladies and gentlemen: Quentin Hogan!

1. Describe who you are, what you are studying, class level, where you are from, what you plan on doing for the upcoming summer/semester (if you are a senior, then please mention what company you will be working with or what you plan on doing after you graduate) and include some fun facts about you.
Quentin: My name is Quentin Hogan, I'm a freshman at Mizzou, and I caddied at Bellerive Country Club. As stated just before, I am a New Scholar in the House and couldn't be happier. I am studying for a degree in mechanical engineering and possibly a minor in political science. As my first semester progresses, I am constantly looking for opportunities to enhance myself in the Mizzou community. I truly enjoy service work, especially the service opportunities that the Evans Scholars chapter has provided. At the beginning of the semester, I joined Mizzou's club baseball team and have participated in their fall league hoping to make the travel team in the spring semester. When I have free time from studying, I am playing club baseball, intramurals, or hanging out with friends. I am a massive Cardinals and Blues fan.

2. What has been your favorite memory of living in the Evans Scholarship House?
Quentin: My favorite memory of living in the House has been when four of us New Scholars went out and golfed together. It was a great bonding experience for all of us and especially for us to let loose on the golf course. We may not have played well that day, but we all had a great time out on the links.

3. What has been your favorite memory being a student at Mizzou?
Quentin: Definitely one of my most favorite memories so far was partaking in the yearly tradition at Mizzou when all the freshman "Paint the M" and then run through the columns. Being able to partake in such history and tradition makes me feel so opportune to be at such a school and to say I was here and able to experience it firsthand.

4. On a more serious note, how has the Evans Scholarship helped you grow as a student and as a person?
Quentin: The Evans Scholarship has given me the opportunities to help me grow not just as a student, but also a person. As someone who was optimistic about the Scholarship and how I would adapt to the House, I was unsure how I could have a life outside the House, but being around all the other Evans Scholars has taught me how I can interact with others and form relationships for life. Group living has been such an experience, teaching not just me, but also my fellow roommates the importance of working together and living together. Group living in the Scholarship House has helped us put aside our differences and embrace our similarities, which make us better roommates and people. Without these experiences, I would not have been able to make friends in the House and outside of the house.

5. If you had a chance to spend a whole day with Chick Evans what would you do? Is there anything you would want to say to him?
Quentin: As much as I would love to play a round of golf with him, it may not end so well for me. I wouldn't want to feel embarrassed and for him to see how bad I am. Instead, I would bring him back to St. Louis and show him the greater things about the city I call home. I would bring him by my golf course. I would then take him by Imos Pizza and Ted Drewes and get to know him even more. I would thank him for starting such an amazing program and giving me the opportunity to be blessed by it.

6. Finally if you could mention one sentence about what the Scholarship has meant to you what would it be?
Quentin: The Evans Scholarship means everything from lifelong friendships, endless opportunities in the surrounding world, a chance to pursue my dreams, and to live my life to the fullest; this is an opportunity I will forever be grateful for.

We hope you enjoyed meeting one of our New Scholars and we cannot wait for you all to meet the rest of them throughout the rest of this school year! Have a wonderful week everyone and Go Tigers!