Scholar of the Week: Kenzie Giorgi

Coming off a fantastic weekend by hosting our first ever 5K, we sat down with the person who made it all possible! Kenzie Giorgi is a junior and has done some incredible things not only by being on executive board this year, but out in the classroom and in Columbia! Please enjoy this great interview!

1. Describe who you are, what you are studying, class level, where you are from, what you plan on doing for the upcoming summer/semester (if you are a senior, then please mention what company you will be working with or what you plan on doing after you graduate) and include some fun facts about you.
Kenzie: My name is Kenzie Giorgi, I'm a junior at Mizzou, and I caddied at Sunset Country Club in St. Louis. I am currently the executive vice president for the Missouri Evans Scholarship House. While executive vice president, I have organized the Missouri chapter's first-ever philanthropic event! We are hosting a 5K walk/run at a local park in Columbia, with all proceeds benefitting the Missouri Children's Hospital. I am extremely excited for our first event, and cannot wait to watch it grow throughout the years! Service and helping others are huge aspects of who I am, and it has led me to pursue a career in the health/medical field. I am currently studying health sciences, and I will graduate a year early this year with my bachelor's in health sciences and a minor in business. I will be going to physical therapy school at Mizzou starting this upcoming summer, and will be getting my doctorate. If I'm not in the Evans Scholarship House studying, I'm playing on one of our intramural sports teams, hiking or watching a St. Louis Blues game.

2. What has been your favorite memory of living in the Evans Scholarship House?
Kenzie: One of my favorite memories of living in the Evans Scholarship House was my freshman year when I was living with the three other girls in my class. We had just gotten back from study hours late at night and decided to throw a dance party! We were dancing as crazy as we could and singing as loud as we could. Our dance party even ended up on Mizzou's Snapchat story, and it was a great night that I'll never forget!

3. What has been your favorite memory being a student at Mizzou?
Kenzie: One of my favorite memories of being a student at Mizzou was going on my Mizzou Alternative Breaks service trip to Nicaragua. I went with 12 strangers who became my really close friends by the end of the trip. We served a small village in Nicaragua and taught the kids English and basic health information. It was a wonderful learning experience that really pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me grow as a person.

4. On a more serious note, how has the Evans Scholarship helped you grow as a student and as a person?
Kenzie: The Evans Scholarship has given me the resources to succeed as both a student and a person. The group living aspect of the House has given me a family and a unique experience that we are lucky to have had. We get to form close relationships with all these people and it provides us with a great support system, not only for academics, but for everything else in life. It has also thrown some challenges my way, as group living does, and taught me how to overcome those types of challenges in my life. It has given me the opportunity to attend a great school and pursue my desired career.

5. If you had a chance to spend a whole day with Chick Evans what would you do? Is there anything you would want to say to him?
Kenzie: Although everyone would suggest playing a round of golf with Chick, he would probably laugh at how bad I am. Instead, I would save myself the embarrassment and we would spend the day in St. Louis, getting some delicious food from The Hill and chatting about the Scholarship and how amazing his dream has become. I would thank him endlessly for starting this organization, we would end the day by enjoying a Blues vs. Blackhawks game!

6. Finally if you could mention one sentence about what the Scholarship has meant to you what would it be?
Kenzie: The Evans Scholarship has given me lifelong friends, endless opportunities, and the chance to follow my dreams; I will forever be grateful.