Graduation: Time to Celebrate!

You hear about it your whole life, whether it's watching graduations on a TV show or in a movie, it's always engrained into your mind. The thought of walking across that stage, receiving your diploma, shaking hands with the president/chancellor/principal etc. and smiling to your family showing them how you made it. It is one of the greatest feelings one can have, and for six of our seniors last weekend, they got to experience it themselves.

These six outstanding men and women have taken the next step and are getting ready to live their life outside of Columbia, Missouri, and the Evans Scholarship House. A short, but important part of their lives were spent with a group of friends who became like family. We know they are ready, and couldn't be happier for them as they go on to to do bigger and better things. Before they left the Scholarship House for the last time, we were able to catch up with them to discuss what their plans are like after graduation.

John Conlon is from Ballwin, Missouri, and a caddie at Meadowbrook Country Club, where he worked alongside his brother Brendan, who is also an Evans Scholar. Conlon stated that he will be interning with a staffing and consulting firm in St. Louis. Following that he plans on moving to Chicago and finding a job up there.

Matthew Schiedker is from St. Louis, a caddie at Norwood Hills Country Club and majored in business. Scheidker has dreams of becoming a lawyer and will be pursuing this profession in the fall at law school. His two schools that he's interested in are St. Louis University and the other...University of Missouri! We would love to have Matt stay so we could still see him around campus and say hello!

Ashley Bertich is also from St. Louis and a caddie at Old Warson Country Club. Bertich has a major plan upcoming for herself this summer. She plans to move to Michigan and work in a non-clinical job. In a year or two she will be moving back to her hometown to get her master's in health administration.

Brendan Solis is a part of the St. Louis clan. Solis is planning on also attending law school. SLU is in his forecast, but is not 100 percent sure yet. He plans on starting school this next upcoming spring, while taking this year to work an internship while doing several visits throughout the year to different law schools.

Peter O'Keefe came from Meadowbrook Country Club. Another St. Louis resident, O'Keefe was accepted into the occupational therapy program at Mount Mary in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is extremely proud of this accomplishment, as we all are, and he will be starting in the fall.

As you can see, several of our graduates have terrific plans on their horizons. With four more to graduate from their class this December, we cannot wait to see what great things will come for all of them! Chick Evans gave us this incredible opportunity and we are thankful every single day for it. One way we show that is by sending our Scholars off into the real world with a diploma in their hands. It has been an amazing spring semester for our chapter, and we can't wait to see not only what this summer brings for us, but also next semester as well. With that, there is only one more thing left to say...Thanks, Chick.