New Scholar Day

We may be a couple weeks late but on April 9th the Evans Scholars all across the country celebrated our annual "New Scholar Day". For those that do not know, New Scholar Day is when all of the incoming scholars and their parents get to come up to school for the day while getting oriented about the house, what to expect for moving in and a few other fun events that are up to the discretion of the houses.

Our Sunday was filled with smiles, laughs and memories that many of the new families will always remember. We began the day with introductions from our Executive Board, Chapter Advisors and the rest of the scholars in house. Our New Scholar Educator, Stacie Davis gave a presentation to the group about information they will need to know about for this summer, next semester and what to expect overall through their four years here.

After the presentation and house tours, we split up the parents and their scholar with parents going out to lunch with a few members of the Executive Board and the scholars going bowling with the other remaining Executive Board members along with the scholars in house. Both events went terrific. You'd be hard pressed to find someone not enjoying this part of the day. Not only do parents get to meet the other parents on a more personal level but the new scholars get thier first chance at bonding with the people they will be living with come August. Group Living is a standard that every house lives by and this part of the day always lives up to that standard. Being able to talk and connect with parents, scholars is always the best part of the day.

Following the conclusion of the events, parents and their scholar were allowed to go back home. We had a few hang around and watch the final round of the Masters with us here which was the icing on the cake for the terrific day that we had. August 13th can't come soon enough and we are so excited to officially welcome these wonderful people to our new family. MIZ!