Scholar of the Week: Ben Niehaus

We sat down with sophomore Ben Niehaus, who has done quite a lot around the Evans Scholarship House and around campus. Enjoy the article as Ben gives you some insight on his life and a little bit about where he is from!

1. Describe who you are, what you are studying, class level, where you are from, what you plan on doing for the upcoming summer/semester and include some fun facts about you.

Ben: My name is Ben Niehaus. I am a sophomore studying electrical engineering. I am originally from Cincinnati, but I have lived in St. Louis for most of my life. This summer I plan on working as a caddie for another year at Bellerive Country Club. I enjoy running, playing soccer and watching Cincinnati sports.

2. What has been your favorite memory of living in the Evans Scholarship House?

Ben: My favorite memory so far has been our Parent's Weekend this past semester. It was nice to see not only my parents, but also everyone else's parents come together for a football game and watch Mizzou get one of its few wins last season.

3. What has been your favorite memory being a student at Mizzou?

Ben: I would say my favorite memory being a student here was going to the Mizzou vs. Kentucky basketball game this semester. My dad graduated from UK, and instilled in me a love for Kentucky sports, but I found myself cheering for Mizzou when the game started getting close.

4. How has the Evans Scholarship helped you grow as a student and as a person?

Ben: It says in our creed that the Evans Scholarship works to instill in all of us the ability to embrace individual differences and to respect individual freedoms. This is the thing that, in my opinion, the Evans Scholarship does best. Everyone in the chapter has a different personality, but we all find a way to get along, and in most cases, be great friends to one another. This has helped me personally grow to be a better person.

5. If you had a chance to spend a day with Chick Evans, what would you do? Is there anything you would want to say to him?

Ben: If I had a whole day with Chick, I would spend it on a golf course without a doubt. I would like to ask him if he ever expected his scholarship to spread this wide. I feel like no one could have expected that originally sending a few caddies to Northwestern University could have grown to such a great national scholarship.

6. Finally if you could mention one sentence about what the Scholarship has meant to you, what would it be?

Ben: The Evans Scholarship is more than just a scholarship; it is a family.

Thank you again Ben for a great article! Make sure to check our social media next week for the link to our next #ScholarOfTheWeek.