Our graduate students

Most scholars in the Missouri Evans Scholarship House are working on competing a bachelor's degree, but a few students have moved on to the next step. Kenzie Girogi, Holly Swartz, Dennis Vassell and Sara Thuston are all in the process of getting a master's.

Kenzie Girgoi graduated at the end of her junior year, and she is now pursuing physical therapy school, which is a three-year program. She has clinical rotations during those three years, and when she completes the program she will have her doctorate in physical therapy, and she will be a licensed physical therapist. After she finishes the rest of her schooling, she plans to find a job as a physical therapist.

Holly Swartz is in the accounting program at MU. It is a five-year graduate program. She came into college with 36 credit hours, which allowed her to apply to the accounting program at the end of her freshman year, which is a year early. Because of this she will be graduating this spring with her bachelor's and master's of accountancy after only four years. She interned with Edward Jones this past summer, and she has already been offered a full-time job at one of the Big 4 firms. She is excited to graduate this spring with her assurance certificate with emphasis in audit/assurance. She has a passion for forensic accounting and plans to work for the FBI as a forensic accountant.

Dennis Vassell was an Evans Scholar at MU, and now he is one of our two amazing graduate resident advisors. He is currently getting his master's in engineering, with an emphasis in computer science.  He has already been very successful. He has done research in computer genomic, cloud computing and natural language processing. He has gotten into three publications. In February, he will be a full-time software engineer at Boeing in the research and technology division. In July, he will be moving to Charleston, South Carolina, to be a part of Boeing's Engineering Rotation Program, where he will do a different engineering job every six months.

Sara Thuston is our other wonderful graduate resident advisor who was also an Evans Scholar at Mizzou. She is in graduate school and is getting her master's in human dimensions of natural resources. She is writing her thesis on how high school students perceive climate change, actions they find most important in mitigating it and ultimately their levels of hope for the future. After graduate school she plans on going back to Disney World to work as a conventional educator at Animal Kingdom, or she hopes to work at a national park as an educator.

These are just some of the truly amazing people in our Evans Scholarship House, and we are so excited for them to keep pursuing their dreams. None of this would be possible if not for the Evans Scholarship.